Write a letter to yourself 5 years ago. —Anonymous



hey ashley.

people call you halsey now. you nabbed it from a street that the boy who made you a woman now lives on. you got a few tattoos. ok like ten. you’re gonna snap one day. end up in a hospital for a few days. or weeks. but you’re gonna learn from the experience. things are about to get real tough with mom and dad. they’re gonna kick you out a few times and you’re gonna be completely stranded. no phone. no car. no health insurance. you make music now. like FOR REAL FOR REAL. a video went wild on the Internet and people started to tell you that you’re clever and you know what? you can kind of sing too. you’re gonna play a lot of acoustic shows. write a lot of bad songs. your heart is going to be ripped from your chest. a lot. but you’re gonna stop being so emotionally invested. you get cold actually. but you start to warm up. you make a ton of friends! And thennnn when music starts to become a priority you lose them all….people are going to HATE you. absolutely hate you. cause of what you wear or who you’re dating or what you sing. but you meet these guys, Dylan and Anthony. they change your life. You work hard. make beats in the studio of a basement. you put a song online. A TON of record labels call the next day. the next day! you’re gonna write with some crazy people. people who have written for Britney, Beyoncé, Marina, One Direction, Miley (oh yeah she’s absolutely nuts now by the way). you’re gonna cry. a lot. everything happens so fast and in the beginning you have nothing to show for it. everyone thinks you’re a loser. but people LIKE your voice. they LIKE your writing. thousands of girls tell you daily that THEY look up to you. you figure out who you are. you tell everyone else to fuck off. you build a team and they become your family and people start to promise you the world. you’re sitting in a sophomore class right now scared shitless of everything and everyone. you know you’re not gonna go to college. but that’s okay. because 5 years from now you’ll be getting on a plane to Los Angeles and the fun will really begin.

stay strong. stay humble. keep writing.

everything is going to be more than okay.

love, ashley x halsey.

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Hey Let’s Make A Band!

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Hey Let’s Make A Band!

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this is considered fetus iM nOt oK

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